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I trained for more than 650 hours and have experience in yoga for over 15 years at various locations such as Singapore, San Francisco, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Yoga taught me body awareness, muscle engagement, and props to support my physical limitations. Moving into poses safely and mindfully is a good yoga practice for me. When we flow and align ourselves physically, our bodies are somehow synchronised with our breaths, almost effortlessly. Finding and connecting our inner self through beautiful sets of body movements is profound.

A significant part of my yoga journey has been therapeutic and nurturing, especially during my recovery. It connects all my interests, hobbies and knowledge to this day. And I called them tools to handle things I wouldn’t know how decades ago.

I genuinely believe an honest practice is one of the best ways to care for ourselves, especially being a woman.

Join me to learn more about yoga and body movements, therapeutic writing and sometimes, long walks here in Singapore.

With love

Yoga Therapist


I hope you find something that suits you.

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